Minggu, 13 Mei 2012


Snow white versi me

Long time ago there lived princeses and her step mother in the castel. Princeses name is snow white, she is beautiful young lady. And her step mother is the most beautiful on her area. Every day she allways ask her mirror about the most beautiful women on her area, and the mirrors always said “you are still the most beautiful women”.
But one day when snow white’s step mother ask the mirrors about the most beautiful women , the mirrors said “the most beautiful women in the world is snow white”. After heard that she was very angry. And then she sent the soldiers to kill snow white in the forest. But the soldiers no way to kill snow white. He decide to left snow white in the forest. After that,  soldiers came back on the castel and told to his queen that he was killed snow white in the forest. The queen was so glad to heard that. And she as soon  ask the mirrors again. The mirrors said “the most beautiful on this area is snow white”. The queen was surprized to heard that. She was very angry, then she was killed the soldiers.
    In middle of the forest snow white met the small cottage and she decide to stay on the cottage. She knock the door but didn’t answer from inside cottage. And she decide for entered the cottage. On the cottage she was cleaned the cottage until so clean. After that she was tired, and she over slept. Other place, the seven dwarfs wont to came back their cottage, when they arrived their cottage, they were surprise when they saw their cottage was cleaned. One of them said “waw, its so clean.. that mean these was thief entered. Cammon catch him”. And they decided to went to up stairs to their beds room , they entered so slowly . when they enetered, they were surprised when they found a beautiful girl above their beds. One of the them was woke up snow white and he said to snow white that they want to said thanks a lot of snow white was clean their cottage. After that snow white decided to lived in the cottage with seven drawfs forever.

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