Minggu, 13 Mei 2012



Name    : Rizka.Awaliah
Class    : XI Science Four
Theme    : Global Warming

        Climate and Wheather Become Unpredictable

    Global warming causing climate and wheather in the world  become unpredictable. That problem make everyone get disadvantage. But their activity is the main cause of ther present climate change. Which one humans activity causing that are humans also cut down the vast forest and greenhouse effect.
    My opinion about that are everyone in the earth should be changes their activity which causing Global Warming. Such as decreases cut down the vast forest. Because vegetation and trees absorb and store carbon dioxide. It can decreases amount of carbon dioxide in the atsmophere layer. And the effects of carbon dioxide on temperature is probably over done.
    Other factors causing Global Warming is greenhouse effects. It is contributing extra carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide have been released into the atmosphere layer. That all make everyone get much disadvantage. As increases air pollution, increases allergy and asthma trates due to earlier bloming of plants, increases deaths from heat waves, loss of animal and plant habitats, increases forest fire in size and intensity , and increases cost of insurance as insurers pay out  claims resulting from increasingly large disasters.
    The best solution for that all problem are decreases humans activity which can make amount carbon dioxide in atmosphere layer increases. And humans should be save our earth for other generation . and than humans should be can stop or decreases illegal logging and greenhouse effects. And I am believe if all of them humans do it so our world will be change better then today. And I trust we never get disadvantage cause global warming again.

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